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Let others do what they will. The writer claimed Labour could “no longer be counted on to defend women’s rights” in a series of tweets earlier this year. “That goes to a point about being a gutsy woman,” Clinton said. Kendall said he confirmed with Mrs. At Sabo’s website the artist explains his latest work: “This woman is a Saul Alinsky trained Beast who has zero regard for the unborn and the law. Everybody was saying ‘Clinton’s dead meat. I mean, it is not just about the South China Sea. The State Department inspector general report found that many of Mrs Clinton’s predecessors including Mr Powell were also not in compliance with federal recordkeeping requirements, although the rules governing their actions were less detailed when they were in office. TREY GOWDY R, Chairman, House Select Committee on Benghazi: Speaker Boehner asked me to find out what happened to four of our fellow citizens, and I believe that that is what I have done. Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago and spent her childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

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With one day to go before Election Day, CNN’s Poll of Polls shows Clinton leading Trump by a narrow 4 point margin: 46% to 42%. In transferring power to the people, material process was mostly involved. And there is only one candidate in this race who has devoted her life to building up that America and that is the next President of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton. In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour. After graduation, Hillary advised the Children’s Defense Fund in Cambridge and joined the impeachment inquiry staff advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. “It’s time for us to hold our heads up high and to unify our state and to stand together,” the congressman said during his concession speech. And how much are we enforcing them. None of these e mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is especially concerning because all of these e mails were housed on unclassified personal servers not even supported by full time security staff, like those found at Departments and Agencies of the U. Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary Saturday restored Clinton as the undisputed front runner, as her southern firewall of minority voters held rock solid and her opponent fared poorly among African American voters. Clinton served as secretary of state for the Obama administration from 2009 2013. She’s currently picking up about 2% of the vote nationally. Source: Election results from The Associated Press. ” Ed Henry and Griff Jenkinsare often in the rotation. Which I’m definitely not. The building is also located where Clinton Street comes to an end. While big name candidates would not likely be impacted by the change, it would potentially make it harder for lesser known candidates to break through.

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Andrew Jackson won by more than 10% in 1824 but was denied the presidency, which went to John Quincy Adams. She stopped to pour what someone said was Veuve Clicquot into everyone’s glasses, figuring that in a couple of hours Donald Trump’s run of early victories in red states West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama would end and the map would turn back in her mom’s favor. >> 538’s Oliver Roeder says Holzhauer has “taken the game to its logical conclusion. “The neckline sat low on her chest,” The Washington Post reported of the scene, “and had a subtle V shape. Instead, they present speculative claims going to the vulnerability of the voting machinery—but not actual injury. Plan your TRIP TO THE MARCH FOR LIFE. Indeed, some hoped for a landslide. Clinton is chatting with Nick Merrill, her longtime aide, who stayed on with her after she stepped down as secretary of state in 2013. While it has never been confirmed, this week the fashion bible broke with tradition and officially endorsed Secretary Clinton for the top job when the US head to the polls on November 8. “And also, Norah, with the hope that those women’s examples can be inspiring to anyone who might be watching,” said Chelsea. While the presidency is often in the eye of the public, those who ensure operations at the White House run. ” Clinton said after she returned to the stage. And Castro, an engaging speaker and a fresh young face at 40, would make it somewhat harder for Republicans to paint the 67 year old Clinton as the candidate of the past. But Obama’s people still tend to have a Barack first sense of loyalty. Hillary Clinton had already warned of the “huge consequences” of withdrawing US troops back in May, and once the chaos ensued, it was reported that Clinton was working quickly to help at risk women leave the country. By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or updates from POLITICO and you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. Sign in to manage your newsletters ». Speaking to supporters Wednesday at a New York hotel, Clinton said the campaign has been “one of the greatest honors” of her life. Rodham later Hillary Clinton, a future New York Senator, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and wife of President Bill Clinton, wrote her undergraduate thesis on Saul Alinsky in 1969 while attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts. In 2003, Clinton released a 562 page autobiography, Living History. “History celebrates profiles in courage, not profiles in convenience,” O’Malley says in the video of him campaigning he tweeted. Middlebrooks dismissed a lawsuit brought by former President Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, Rep.

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I don’t feel like we failed her so much as we kidded ourselves into thinking all that we faced was manageable. Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. ” On October 23, Chafee withdrew, stating that he hoped for “an end to the endless wars and the beginning of a new era for the United States and humanity. One is that the conference call occurred on March 31 and the emails appear to have been deleted in the week beforehand. Hillary Clinton is perfectly positioned to step into the breach created by an unpopular Joe Biden and a shaky Kamala Harris in 2024, according to a new op ed in the Wall Street Journal by pollster Doug Schoen and former New York City Council president Andrew Stein. Speaking at graduation, she told her classmates, “The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. She studied at Park Ridge, Maine East High School 1964. High school and college students walked out of classes to protest. Marital Status: Married. This will be an unusual statement in at least a couple ways. Trump’s lawyers have emphasized that “documents were provided” to the FBI in response to the subpoena, but in a court filing Tuesday, the Justice Department said, “Through further investigation, the FBI uncovered multiple sources of evidence indicating that the response to the May 11 grand jury subpoena was incomplete and that classified documents remained at. ” asked the Ringer in July 2016. Even the Clinton camp’s Arizona announcement that Friday was more about running out the clock — by giving a hungry press corps something to cover — than a genuine effort to run up the score, according to multiple Clinton campaign officials interviewed for this article. The Select Committee report reveals that three minutes after the first wave of assault began at the Special Mission Compound in Benghazi roughly 3:42pm in D. Ryan said, adding that Congress had already shown it can get a repeal bill to the president’s desk. In addition to all this, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report said that in a small number of states, Russians “were able to gain access to restricted elements of election infrastructure” and “were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data. There was plenty of smiling — another product of the debate prep, no doubt — and laughing, too, presumably at Mr. Election, we didn’t need to establish partnerships with The New York Times or The Washington Post. 1996: Bill Clinton becomes the second Democrat in history to win a second term, after Franklin D Roosevelt. Fitzpatrick used the anecdote as an epigraph without specifying where he found it.

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If you learn your history from Facebook posts during Women’s History Month, you might not know that. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. “I forget millions of people are watching. Looking at the economy, that bet is paying off. Democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. Presidents have urged Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to restore the mothballed Belfast government and reap the reward of more economic investment. “At best, it hurt as much as it helped,” said the Clinton campaign’s Shur. She chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee, co founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Legal Services, and the Children’s Defense Fund. On January 21, 2009, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sworn in as the 67th Secretary of State of the United States. “But contact with WikiLeaks isn’t necessarily proof of willful collusion with a foreign government. In 2017, Bill and Hillary Clinton donated $1. They had seen him lash out at a Gold Star family and at Alicia Machado. Some Democrats have also acknowledged having a weak bench for the 2024 race. Rubio suspended his campaign after losing his home state. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. Prosecutors allege that he was there representing the Clinton campaign, and that his deception undermined the FBI’s work. Trump’s crucial victories in the Midwest were aided in large part by his strong margins among non college whites—while Obama lost those voters by a margin of 10 points in 2012, Clinton lost this group by 20 percent. 9 million more votes nationwide, a margin of 2. “We’re competing with your best friend, your spouse, your mom, last night’s Olympics clips. HAHAHAHA funny fyp foryoupageofficiall foryou fypシ゚viral trending foryoupage tiktok fypシ viral foryourpage blowthisup wtf wtfmoments politicians conspiracy conspiracytiktok conspirancytheory mindcontrol weirdbehavior politiciansoftiktok hillaryclinton glitches glitch glitchinthematrix celebrities aliens weirdinterviews comedy ????????????????????????????”. Trump was the first president with neither prior public service nor military experience. If he doesn’t, he then needs to look to states like Michigan, Wisconsin or Minnesota, where Biden is ahead by between eight or nine points. Since acquiring Twitter in late 2022, Mr Musk has attempted to overhaul the social media company to turn a profit. “Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, and Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly. When Florida was announced, she and her colleagues started getting flooded with calls. “The tone of voice, the appearance, the context, these things all come into play. These Trump critics on the right now face a wrenching political choice: to defer to him as the country’s new leader, or to take up a quasi oppositional role against a Republican as he assembles his administration. President Trump on Monday called for the entire nation to condemn “bigotry, hatred and white supremacy. Beyonce said she was thrilled when her nephew witnessed the election of Barack Obama to the White House, but now, she sayd, it’s time for daughter Blue Ivy, 4, to witness a woman in the White House. Our panel of insiders and GPB’s team of reporters cover all the news of Donald Trump’s visit to Atlanta.

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The college says the game can be played in nearly 1 million locations in parks, libraries, monuments, cafes and other public places across the United States, as well as U. 11/10/2022 06:27 PM EST. In the nine months since the election, political observers have pointed to various reasons why Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won: FBI Director James Comey’s intervention; Russia and WikiLeaks; Clinton’s failure to campaign in Wisconsin; African Americans who didn’t turn out as strongly as they did for Obama; and Trump’s strong performance among working class white voters in the Rust Belt. Then she “followed her heart to Arkansas,” where Bill had begun his political career. “I think he was very even handed during the campaign,” she said. Senator from New York. In 2016, we have “Hillary’s emails. Com story posted on the popular Facebook group “Donald Trump Commander in Chief 2020” garnered more than 1,500 shares. Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. Anyone can improve themselves. Suddenly it didn’t matter as much that he was a steelworker’s son who’d grown up on a dirt road in the state’s Appalachia region. As a senator, I fought to defend New York’s manufacturers and steel makers from unfair Chinese trading practices. Plangere Center for Communication. And now comes Hillary Clinton’s economic plan, which will deliver more stagnant growth, falling wages, dropping productivity, and depressed investment. But now all that is gone, just some overheated campaign rhetoric that is being shelved, if you listen to his spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway and close confidante, Rudy Giuliani. It is true that we are different countries with different histories and backgrounds. The data validates the skepticism. If Susan had to stay with Jack to get him elected, “Political Animals” sees Bud as dead weight on Elaine’s promising career and still vibrant sexual charisma. WASHINGTON AP — A federal judge in Florida has dismissed Donald Trump’s lawsuit against 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and former top FBI officials, rejecting the former president’s claims that they and others acted in concert to concoct the Russia investigation that shadowed much of his administration. For example, on 5, Alinsky notes, “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Or if you’re on a mobile device, the instructions below will help you find and subscribe to the series.

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“Make no mistake about it, in our country there is a very significant historical struggle going on, about whether we move forward or the clock is turned back,” said Clinton. C during the 1974 Watergate scandal. “And the message Putin took from that was that he can get away with invading other countries and interfere with elections and buy his way to influence all in his great quest to restore Russian greatness. The conversation continued, its subject now present and nodding along. The foundation made errors in its tax returns it has to correct. Please complete the Captcha above. That ruling also forbade State Department employees from including “sensitive but unclassified” information on private email, except for some very narrow exceptions. In exit polls, people who said that economics was the No. Podesta’s risotto recipe. I can attack my government, try to organize to change it. In early 2007, Hillary Clinton announced her plans to attempt another first — to be the first female President. Clinton is the First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, U.

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Key fingerprint 9EF0 C41A FBA5 64AA 650A 0259 9C6D CD17 283E 454C. I think it’s that subtle gender bias that made people find her so vexing. Hillary Clinton said at the Forbes 30/50 Summit on Wednesday that the war in Ukraine shows women and children are the “primary victims of conflict and climate change. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, passed by then President Bill Clinton in 1994, has caused outbursts from protesters and is bringing his time in the White House under scrutiny. It is the Scoan Church on Emmanual TV and youtube. Dressed in a teal colored pantsuit, Clinton shook hands with onlookers shocked to see her in their midst, and cheering, “Hillary. The quote was fairly easy to authenticate, given the attention now paid to Clinton’s “evolved” stance on marriage equality. Join the thousands of fellow patriots who rely on our 5 minute newsletter to stay informed on the key events and trends that shaped our nation’s past and continue to shape its present. Data is a real time snapshot Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. ” Ms Clinton added that Mr Biden is “not a performer” like Boris Johnson or Mr Trump, “and thank God for that”. Schaefer added: “It’s pretty much dismissed as a distraction. “The question out there now what’s Bernie going to do. KHALID: That’s Andrea Steinberger she’s a rabbi in Wisconsin Chantel Moses, an entrepreneur in New York, and Katie Lambert, who’s a college student majoring in biology. Trump’s homeland security chief intervened to slow warning of Russia again interfering in the 2020 election and the president berated his intelligence chief for briefing Congress. She continued to be a leading advocate for expanding health insurance coverage, ensuring children are properly immunized, and raising public awareness of health issues. Devine, Christopher J. Real time situational awareness. Biden has pledged to select a woman as his vice president. Sign up for Politico Magazine’s Friday Cover email. Soon Clinton was posting childhood photos of husband Bill on his birthday, tributes to the late Nelson Mandela, a portrait of her with members of Russian band Pussy Riot and pleas for such pet causes as elephant poaching and empowering women in the developing world. Beyoncé in particular has become something of a political flashpoint in this campaign. Learn more about Former Secretary Clinton at the William J. He noted that she faced hostility in Arkansas politics and media when Bill Clinton was first elected governor, because she kept her maiden name. Hillary Rodham later Hillary Rodham Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969. “Being resilient is toughest when you have to push through your biggest disappointments and find the will to keep going,” Clinton said in a statement. She doesn’t like to lose, but she expected it. Hillary Clinton is currently 75 according to her birthdate October 26, 1947 Sun Sign Scorpio Born Place Chicago, Illinois, United States Nationality Education Hillary attended a number of public schools in Park Ridge before joining the Maine East High School located in the north suburb of Chicago. And among the frontrunners, Obama believes “Kerry would travel a lot and successfully, and interfere least with policymaking.


I don’t talk about everything we talkedabout, because obviously I don’t think that’s appropriate. Alan Weegens, 62, a retired truck driver in Colorado Springs, also wondered aloud how the country — with so many citizens who own guns and, he said, “are willing to trample a grandma on Black Friday at midnight to save $5 on a toaster” — would react if Mr. Clinton performed the ceremony. “We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” Lauren Pratapas, a network spokeswoman, said in a statement. 13Clinton’s successful bills include: Kate Mullany National Historic Site Act, PL 108 438, 118 Stat. Or, send her a note at the address below. These revealing, never before published photographs from the Clinton White House chronicle Hillary Clinton’s transformation into a national policymaker and foreshadow her unprecedented role as a trailblazer for women in presidential politics. ” He called the search “political targeting at the highest level,” and contrasted what was happening to him with what happened to his 2016 Democratic opponent. Clinton said to applause from conventiongoers, a dig at Mr. “It’s a very different system and I don’t happen to like the system, but certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader. This study tries to find the aim of exploring the “linguistics structure” of both UDHR and RH by examining the “interpretative procedures”, and also explain the use of “ideologies”. The Dassault Aircraft Services DAS – Little Rock Service Center and Completion Center combined occupy a total of nearly 1,000,000 square feet 93,000 m2, making Little Rock the largest Dassault facility in the world. 7Adam Nagourney, “It’s Official: First Lady is Now Candidate Clinton,” 7February 2000, New York Times: A1. Percentage of counties won by Hillary Clinton. This was his response. Bill: What’s the production quality of these ads. “An attack on any American is an attack on all Americans,” Clinton said after the June 12 shooting, in which 49 were killed at Pulse, a popular Orlando club. While he did not land any roundhouse blows, he put points on the board repeatedly and drew blood on the use of private email issue. On the other hand, Clinton is talking to bankers. Institutional racism as exemplified at Kodak is amoral und un Christian. On March 3, 2016, Libertarian Gary Johnson addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, touting himself as the third party option for anti Trump Republicans. But I can tell you another engine for growth and job creation would be comprehensive immigration reform. George added that “these groups are political operations constructed to masquerade as organizations devoted to the Catholic faith”. 8 million followers on the Instagram account as of 15 Jan 2023. In the presidential primary, she faced significant criticism from rival Bernie Sanders and his supporters for giving expensive speeches to Wall Street banks, trade associations and other organizations after her tenure as secretary of state. Rife with such anecdotes, Chozick’s book, a copy of which the Guardian obtained from a bookseller in New York, is released on Tuesday. “We have no such provision in our country. How much is Hillary Clinton’s fear and loathing of the media going to influence her decision about whether to run in 2016. He eliminated some of the loans and scholarship programs. Entering Tuesday, with most polls showing Clinton with marginal but steady leads, Trump’s chances of victory were seen as remote.

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The band of revolutionaries who perform the song in the show, however, are defeated during the main battle of the revolution. They stressed that we had a chance for a great season and that I was needed very badly, but the decision was up to me. I had prepared and worked at it, and I go a little bit batty when I hear him say, ‘Gee, this is a really hard job. The latter was Clinton’s stated position on abortion for years on end. The Washington Post in 2007 also reported that nuclear launch times are classified, citing an unnamed “senior U. But as we look forward, we must note that more than half of voters did look toward another America, a future in which participation is diverse and needs are interconnected. Trump and Hillary Clinton have each won enough delegates to claim their party’s nomination for president. “Now is her moment,” he wrote. He was a strong advocate for the airport, and also a Little Rock city councilor. The gardens were just the most amazing that I had seen anywhere in my real estate tour. These financial ties — including the past speeches, business endeavors and well as donor relationships with the Clinton Foundation — have already attracted critics who say they include inherent conflicts of interest and could be problematic under a Clinton administration. So what is the fiscal state of play. The sample was drawn to reflect known population patterns. After the attack, “with the presidential election just 56 days away, rather than tell the American people the truth and increase the risk of losing an election, the administration told one story privately and a different story publicly,” Mr. At the time of the meeting, Andrew McCabe was head of the FBI’s field office in Washington.

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Net Worth:She has an estimated worth of $45 million in 2016. According to Mrs Clinton, she sent or received 62,320 emails during her time as secretary of state. Besides, she argues, “what I was doing was working. Clinton’s emails included moments when staffers wrote that for them to go into more detail, they would need to switch to a secure classified State Department system. As for ringing in the New Year, Lisa who interviewed Colin Farrell last week in London is weighing up either Scotland for a highland fling with Richard or slightly further afield. Moore said she wouldn’t discourage Winfrey, but she would slow down the hype machine. Concerned by the rise of the far right internationally and the tendency towards neoliberalism within the Democratic Party, she has said, “The answer to neofascism is stopping neoliberalism. “I think it’s a really different comparison to what’s going on here,” Clinton said of her own skirmish with the FBI compared with Trump’s current situation, noting that “it appears that the Justice Department and the FBI have been incredibly patient, quiet, careful until they finally apparently thought that national security was at stake. Businesses that take part will pledge not to shift jobs or profits from these partnerships overseas. On the night of the election, Chozick describes a dejected Clinton when she was told by campaign staffers that it was over. If the average Joe doesn’t get a promotion, the local paper won’t devote entire articles to what character flaw or personal mistake is to blame. The shape and the structure of the headlines reflect the content, which is politically oriented and ideologically driven. All over the world, we are turning to economic solutions for strategic challenges; for example, using new financial tools to squeeze Iran’s nuclear program. May 25, 2016 – A State Department Inspector General report says Clinton failed to follow the rules or inform key department staff regarding her use of a private email server, according to a copy of the report obtained by CNN. She was appointed as the first female chairperson of the Legal Service Corporation in the year 1978. 3 percent of that average worked out to roughly 9,512 abortions at or after the 21 week mark per year. The point is that the polls very likely sampled from a population that just was not sufficiently representing Republicans. ” Is Hillary Clinton projecting her own vengeful personality. What’s in it for you. Though anti Clintonites on the right and left may find their suspicions about Clinton confirmed, there’s nothing in the emails that would provide them new lines of criticism—or provide new sources of worry to her allies.


Trump has been known to play “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall” at his rallies, even as Adele has asked him and fellow fans Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee to stop poisoning her songs with their politics. Biden and his team of White House spokespeople have taken great pains in their pre midterm messaging to differentiate between what they describe as more mainstream Republicans and the GOP’s “ultra MAGA” wing of loyal Trump allies. Even among Republicans, 41% said they considered Clinton’s attacks on Trump’s fair, but Democrats were not nearly as accepting of Trump’s attacks on their nominee 19% said his attacks against Clinton were fair. If you need help with the Public File, call 210 351 1241. Casualties mounted, the United States was dragged into a long counter insurgency war, and the ongoing U. Russell L, Roger Calero Socialist Workers and William Van Auken Socialist Equality in the general election. Senator Bernie Sanders made it a useful attack against her in early 2016, suggesting that by speaking to banks like Goldman Sachs, she was compromised. And she should be a kid and she should be enjoying school and learning and deciding what she’s going to do. “I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” Reid said. Lee Balterman/Life Pictures/Shutterstock. Personal experiences punctuate almost every episode, such as Hillary’s revelation about why she wears pantsuits. She is expected to hold rallies this weekend in Brooklyn with former President Bill Clinton, who lives with his wife in New York, and in Manhattan with Bravo talk show host Andy Cohen.

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In mid June, Eli Stokols and Burgess Everett of Politico reported that the Trump campaign was considering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from Georgia, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. If you see violence, condemn it. To deal with the evolving threat of transnational Islamic extremism, Clinton asserts, the real payoff lies in improved intelligence and law enforcement, greater international cooperation, limiting access to weapons, and efforts to stop radicalization and terrorist recruitment. Jimmy Carter was elected. The closing night of the convention brought together many of the themes developed over the previous three nights. I’m here to give you an update on the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e mail system during her time as Secretary of State. She made the remark in answer to a question from Lloyd Blankfein, the bank’s chief executive, in 2013 months after she left office as secretary of state. So what can I say, that’s the situation. What to know ahead of New Jersey’s 2023 primary election. If you can use Tor, but need to contact WikiLeaks for other reasons use our secured webchat available at. For example, Trump emphasized social exclusion and accusations of Democrats whilst Cuomo stressed care for vulnerable and minority groups and compassion delivery. Want an ad free experience. Mail shortly after the attacks on Sept. “You never know what’s happening between the ears. These authenticity worries occupy a tremendous amount of attention during political campaigns in particular. Kilian Paris’ Can’t Stop Loving You Fragrance Smells Like a. “He’s from a working class background, so he understands the difficulties of blue collar people and others who don’t have a lot of economic resources,” said Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor who has known Mr Kaine since he taught at the college in the late 1980s. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Clinton attended Maine East High School until being redistricted during her senior year to Maine South High School. WL Research Community user contributed research based on documents published by WikiLeaks. What is fair to me in this gentleman’s agreement between theives. Debate for national elected office in the general election, and the youngest journalist to moderate a debate since 1988. In FiveThirtyEight parlance, they’re more elastic — more responsive to changes in national trends. Clinton also talked about the importance of reforming the nation’s gun laws to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. On March 15, 2016, the second “Super Tuesday”, Kasich won his only contest in his home state of Ohio, and Trump won five primaries including Florida.

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